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Dream Groups


"Dreams are the Royal Road to the Unconscious."

~ Sigmund Freud


Dreamwork is part of our ancient magickal and psychological heritage.


In Dreamwork we meet the unconscious through the ancient
language of symbols.  Through dreamwork we penetrate the collective unconscious with the imagination and discover our own inner guidance.


Dreamwork & Dream Groups, Soultender Therapy ServicesCome to Soultender and explore your dreams!


We offer individual weekly sessions to help you begin to uncover dream material and teach you skills to process your dreams while pointing out the benefits of understanding your dreams.


Soultender also offers dream groups in which you can share your dreams with others.  A dream group allows you to explore your dreams over time so you can trace themes, recurring images and ideas over time.


By doing this, you can gain insight that will give your life more purpose and meaning.


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Dreamwork & Dream Groups, Soultender Therapy Services












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"For two personalities to meet is like
mixing two different
chemical substances: 
if there is any combination 
at all, both are transformed."

~ C.G. Jung